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Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers for IT, Parcel Package and Personal Storage
Workplace Smart Lockers in the Mail Room

Exchange of Goods Lockers can provide an added convenience of being able to exchange whatever goods are needed.

When employees work remotely, it becomes much more difficult to coordinate the exchange of equipment or confidential information. Smart lockers allow for employees to easily drop-off or pick-up materials the next time they are in the office without needing to coordinate schedules.

Featured Application

Tech Exchange

Smart lockers are a great way for IT to coordinate equipment exchanges when employees start or leave the company, as well as loaner solutions for times when equipment breaks down. Smart lockers allow IT to manage their equipment exchange process by preloading the lockers with computer equipment without needing anyone from IT present on-site at all times and/or allowing employees to drop-off their equipment that needs to be repaired or returned to IT.

IT Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers: Tech Equipment — Exchange of Good Lockers

This workflow rich document helps educate some of the ways of how IT departments can take advantage of smart lockers to issue equipment and handle break/fix.

Exchange Lockers Use-Cases
contactless parcel lockers

Package Parcel Lockers

The service provider delivers packages to the lockers, knowing where the employee is seated, by floor or neighborhood through the software. The employee is alerted via email and can pick up the package when convenient using their employee badge or PIN code.

Multi-Tier Smart Locker Wall for Personal Storage and IT Exchange of Equipment


Employees can deposit their laptops for repair in the locker bank. The locker knows which lockers are allocated for IT purposes. IT is notified with an integrated solution, such as a ticketing system (ServiceNOW) and records the deposit in the software. Employees can borrow equipment and pick up repaired equipment right from the lockers.

Exchange of Goods Smart Lockers for IT, Parcel Package and Personal Storage

Designated Outgoing Lockers

Lockers are designated for the convenience of dropping off outgoing mail through the locker door mail slots. Mail is collected twice a day. Collection of mail is facilitated through the use of Master Keys to open the locker doors, all recorded in the locker software. 


Smart lockers allow you to have both contactless exchange of goods lockers in the same locker bank as temporary day-use lockers. A variety of locker openings can help maximize space while providing the ideal locker size for each intended use. As your needs in the office change, customize your smart locker configuration to work for you and your workplace approach.

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