Smart lockers for hybrid work and highly dynamic offices and workplaces.

Flexible, user-centric and future-ready locker use.

A hybrid, remote or conventional work arrangement. An ABW, coworking and other office configurations. Modern employee-centric offices and smart buildings can be combinations of all or some. In such workplaces, there is a necessity for highly flexible and user-adapted storage, which supports individual work dynamics and modern workplace arrangements. Different users can use such lockers during the same day or week (With our locker cleaning mode, the locker can be checked and disinfected, if needed, between different users).

Such flexible lockers can save a lot of space and, thus, office space. Organizations with dynamic, hybrid workplaces that use our smart locker system in their office lockers can have up to 60% fewer lockers than employees. Sometimes, the organizations can save up to 30% of the monthly office rental cost.

With our smart locker management, you can instantly change how employees use the lockers. You can instantly change the duration of each locker use (e.g. 8 hours), and create a project locker with selected employees having access to it. You can easily tailor your Metra smart lockers to fit your highly dynamic hybrid work environment.

You can seamlessly combine personal lockers alongside permanent, delivery/pick-up, daily and/or End-of-Trip lockers in your hybrid office or workplace.

Contact us to suggest the best smart locker solution, tailored to your hybrid or other work arrangements and workplace configuration. It can optimize work dynamics and therefore elevate employee wellbeing.

hybrid office lockers
hybrid workplace lockers