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Use Your Smartphone as Your Credential to Open Your Locker

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Mobile Credential Access to Smart Lockers with Mini Touch Display

If you are using an HID mobile credential, your smart lockers have Metra with Genuine HID Technology™ readers which includes Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) application. As the first smart lock provider to offer this application, we are able to support credentials in Apple Wallet. 

We offer a few different ways to access your locker via your smart device. Navigate below to learn what might be the best option for you. 

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Smart Building Apps

With Mobile Credentials

During the transition to mobile credentials, employers can experience efficiency gains by replacing plastic cards or FOBs. Research shows that using phone-based IDs as mobile credentials reduces instances of employee badge loss or forgetting them at home. This shift not only streamlines access control but also ensures a smoother and more convenient experience for employees.

Metra is integrated with a some of the leading PropTech companies that are using smart access control systems to provide centralized and unified access to employees to all assets and amenities. No need for smart lockers to stand alone, this is the perfect pairing. 

Metra With Genuine HID™ Technology

Featured integrations:

Workplace App Integration with Metra Smart Lockers
Experience Apps

Integrated Space Reservation & More

Workplace App Integration with Metra Smart Lockers

As companies look to upgrade their office and offer easy ways for employees to transition to a hybrid work model, make it easy for employees to adapt to unassigned desking and let them have the freedom to choose where they work and store their belongings ahead of time. Seamlessly transform your office into a flexible working environment while empowering employees through an intuitive app.


AppSpace addresses workspace management by replacing fragmented software products with a unified platform. This centralized solution streamlines communication and space management throughout the organization. From hot desk reservations and conference room bookings to wayfinding, AppSpace handles it all. 

And now, with the integration of Metra Smart Lockers, users can effortlessly include locker bookings within the same seamless experience as room and desk reservations. Say goodbye to separate systems and embrace the simplicity of managing your entire workspace in one place.

Smart Lockers: Mobile Access

Never worry about lost cards again and empower users through mobile access. Use smartphone apps or mobile credentials to open your locker, pull a locker, extend the use of a locker and much more. 

MyMetraKey Phone App

Our Exclusive Smart Locker App

With the MyMetraKey WiFi App, you can reserve a locker, access your locker, and extend the use of your locker right on your phone – from anywhere in the building. The  App gives users total freedom to pre-book a locker and allocate the locker to be cleaned. Available for both iPhone and Android OS, the MyMetraKey App can be combined with any of the options for operation offered by Metra.

Do you use a different type of mobile credential?

While we are an HID Technology Advantage Partner, we understand that HID is not the only game in town. We’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our other mobile credential partners that we have integrated with, and the list is growing. I