Smart Lockers

flexible solutions that change as needs change
Four Tier Smart Lockers in Corridor in Open Office
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The current workplace environment demands flexibility. To meet this demand, and to foster flexible experiences throughout the workplace, consider flexible solutions that can change as needs change.

Smart lockers are designed to easily change from an assigned use to unassigned. Easily allocate lockers for visitors or change their use entirely to an exchange of goods. Smart lockers change as the organization’s needs change.


This guide walks you through different office models and how Smart Lockers play a role. From a fully remote to fully in-office office scenario and everything in between. This download helps you to find the right tools for your unique workflow.

Smart Locker
Use Cases

assigned & unassigned Lockers

With administrative access, lockers can be switched between assigned or unassigned modes. Assigned mode means the employee has a dedicated locker that they can use day after day. Unassigned mode means the employee can use a locker anywhere that they have access to use a locker. The locker can change as needs change day to day or throughout the day.

assigned Considerations

By User • By Locker Bank

Configure different lockers assigned to align with the employees, department or lockers’ purpose.

unassigned Considerations

One-Time USE • No Limit Use • Weekly Use • Day Use

Configure different types of unassigned lockers to align with the lockers’ purpose and workplace strategy throughout the office.

Smart Locker Use Cases Guide

This guide walks you through considerations about configuring your smart lockers for your employees, visitors and even some best practices. Check it out.

Mobile Access & integrations

Our lockers can be configured for employees to use their RFID cards to get started. As your organization evolves and implements mobile credentials or integrations with third-party workplace apps, our lockers will evolve with you. Use the same credential as the turnstile, floor access, reserving a desk for the day, vending and more, to also book and open a locker.

exchange of goods Lockers

Exchange of Goods Lockers are mostly known in the workplace for parcel package pickup and drop-off. We do that too, and have integrations with some of the largest companies that manage mail workflow.

Beyond package parcel, smart lockers are playing a huge role for IT Equipment management. With less people in the office full-time, smart lockers for the onboarding/off-boarding of computer equipment, break/fix use cases play a pertinent role in efficiency and ROI. 

Without the need to coordinate in-person exchange, allocate an entire locker bank or just a few lockers to be used for exchange of goods. 

Visitor Lockers

Organizations frequently host various external personnel. Providing a secure and convenient place to store their belongings can leave a lasting impression. Allocating specific lockers and credentials for such users should be a consideration, and the process should be easy to implement and adapt as needed.

Smart Locker Use Cases Guide

This guide walks you through considerations about configuring your smart lockers for your employees, visitors and even some best practices. Check it out.

a curated smart locker solution

To us, curating a smart locker solution is more than making a sale. It’s a partnership with our exclusive distributors across the globe that go beyond the installation of the final product. Discover our story and what makes us an experienced player in the workplace smart storage world.

lock to locker

Our smart lock’s concealed design provides the flexibility for your lockers to maintain any aesthetic you desire. By concentrating on our smart lock technology, we enable you to focus purely on the external design, ensuring your lockers seamlessly blend with your chosen style and workspace environment.