Custom-Designed Smart Lockers with Touch Display

In the era of emerging hybrid workforces, smart lockers are being incorporated into offices to support diverse working models and cater to the evolving needs of employees. Encouragement to choose the office environment over remote alternatives is bolstered by creating a hub for collaboration and innovation.

Explore the various hybrid workplace models and see how smart lockers can enhance your organization’s specific needs.

Hybrid Office Lockers

Smart Lockers: Aligning with Your Hybrid Office Strategy for Success

Personal Storage Lockers with Mail Slots

Smart Lockers for the Hybrid Office

The office has evolved from a mere workplace into a space that must prove its worth. Employers now face the challenge of persuading employees to choose the office over alternative locations, with the focus shifting from the place to the people.

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Intentional Gathering Model

Crafting Meaningful Connections: The Office as a Catalyst for Success

Assigned & unassigned lockers

Assigned Lockers:
Enhancing Experience & Boosting Morale

Dedicated lockers become ideal storage solutions for employees or departments that maintain a constant presence in the office and settle in the same workspace regularly. The luxury of a personalized, secure spot to store personal items in the office landscape can significantly uplift employee morale.

Unassigned Lockers:
A Flexible Solution For Intentional Gatherings

Perfectly aligning with the model of intentional gatherings, our unassigned lockers provide a flexible week-long booking system. Allowing groups of employees to secure a locker for multiple consecutive workdays when they visit the office. Regardless of their work schedule, these unassigned lockers are system-programmed to expire uniformly on a specific day (e.g., Sundays), ensuring a smooth transition for the next set of users.

Wall Partition Smart Lockers in the Office

Envision your office as more than just a workspace—it’s a vibrant hub for intentional gatherings and meaningful connections. Employees can tap into the power of their networks to have fresh perspectives, gain inspiration, find assistance, and uncover potential career growth ventures. More than just an added perk,  empowering employees to perform optimally and propelling organizational innovation forward. Hence, nurturing a well-connected professional environment is a game-changer in any successful re-entry-to-office strategy.


Smart Lockers for the Hybrid Workplace: Intentional Gathering Model

Wall Partition Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers for the Hybrid Workplace:

Intentional Gathering Model​

Built-in Wall Smart Lockers for the Office

Craft the perfect workspace by incorporating the agile workplace model into your design strategy. Start by creating unique “neighborhoods” across the floor for specific departments or groups, serving as central hubs for easy access to diverse spaces. These dynamic zones include workstations, huddle rooms, phone booths, lounges, open collaboration seating, and lockers. Catering to a wide range of work styles, this model ensures enhanced productivity and satisfaction for employees by offering them various options to choose from throughout their workday.


Smart Lockers for the Hybrid Workplace: Agile Workplace Model

A Touchscreen Approach

The Flexibility of Unassigned Lockers

Experience the convenience of unassigned lockers through an intuitive touchscreen interface. Employees have the freedom to assign themselves a locker—high, mid, or low-height, subject to availability—directly from the touchscreen or via a phone app. The locker remains accessible for unlimited use with their credentials until they decide to release it, giving employees the flexibility to store their belongings and access them whenever required.

Agile Workplace Model

Embrace Flexibility with the Agile Workplace Model: Design for Maximum Productivity

User Experience

Seamlessly Unlock Your Smart Lockers with Apple Wallet

Our smart locker system seamlessly integrates with Apple Wallet through Genuine HID Technology™ readers, allowing employees to access lockers using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. With Apple Wallet, accessing lockers, doors, elevators, and more has never been easier or more convenient.

Unlock a locker effortlessly by simply holding your device near the reader—no need to wake or unlock your phone. Transform your workspace experience with our user-friendly, Apple Wallet-compatible smart locker system.