Smart lockers for sport & leisure activities at workplace

Easily and safely store you smartphone and wallet to have a quick game of squash, a massage or else. 

Employee-oriented companies and organisations offer different, health promoting, in-house activities to their employees, to help them relax in-between work activities. Sometimes those perks are also available to their business visitors, to help negotiate or seal the deal more smoothly. Usually a changing room with showers and smart lockers, where visitors can change their clothes and securely leave their mobile phones, watches and wallets while enjoying sport, leisure or other activity. Without the need to look for a dry or safe corner for your smartphone in a steam room or squash court.

In the basic setup all vacant lockers have open doors, so users can faster and easier spot where they can store their personal belongings. An employee’s or visitor’s badge or PIN code is usually used for locking and unlocking the locker. Such workplace activity lockers can be remotely managed and unlocked by locker admin, in case a user misplaced access badge or forgot PIN code.

The standalone smart daily locker solution is also a simple Plug&Play solution. Just plug the daily locker bank into a power socket and start using it.
You can seamlessly use and manage the smart daily locker solution alongside smart dynamic, permanent, delivery/pick-up and/or End-of-Trip lockers in your office or smart building.

Contact us now to suggest the smart daily lockers which fits best for your sport and leisure possibilities at your office.