Long-term locker use for your users

Smart, permanent lockers for employees, students and others.

Various traditional workplace or educational environments use smart permanent locker solution. The solution provides a very user-friendly locker experience, because the locker user doesn’t need to assign a locker every time he/she needs to store something (or release it afterwards). The user, either an employee or a student, can use the same locker for longer periods of time (a semester, one year, etc.). The permanent lockers are assigned to locker users in advance via the Workplace Locker management Software (or some existing, third-party software already in use in your facility).

The existing access card or smart phone (HID mobile app, Metra mobile app), are preferred smart locker keys for smart permanent locker solutions. For smart  locker solution at universities or schools, a mobile app (with digital student ID) can many times be the sole smart locker key.

Card and smart phone can also both be used as personal locker key for your smart lockers, providing an even more user-friendly locker use experience. Access card and the mobile app, either from the HID or ours, is the preferred smart locker key combination for smart permanent lockers in offices.

You can seamlessly combine the smart permanent lockers with smart dynamic, delivery, daily and/or End-of-Trip lockers in your office or smart building. Our smart workplace locker solution for permanent lockers can be seamlessly integrated with existing facility systems.
Contact us to suggest the best smart locker solution, tailored to your office, factory, hospital or university.

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