Use your locker with your mobile phone and wearable via smart locker mobile app.

Remotely use and manage you smart locker from anywhere. The most hygienic, contactless and user-friendly smart locker use.

When access cards and fobs came on the scene, people began saying “Forget ordinary keys”. With our MyMetraKey (MMK) mobile app for smart locker, we could now say “Forget access cards and fobs”. You can leave or forget your access card at home, and still be able to (remotely) open your locker with the MyMetraKey app. Or use MMK apps as only smart locker keys (e.g. for student lockers at a university).

The MyMetraKey (MMK) mobile app is one of our smart solutions which enables the most user-friendly smart locker use. It means that each locker is unlocked directly, without using a media on a card reader, which is that case with access cards and all other “smart locker” mobile apps. The MMK app enables a very user-friendly locker use, as locker users don’t need to stand at the reader, take out and swipe their access cards to unlock the locker.

Combining our MMK app and our smart lock with spring(pop) open locker door dynamic, it enables you to have smart, secure and fully clean-line workplace lockers. No locker handles or locks on door panels, no card readers on the locker bank. Nada. Futuristic, fully clean-line design of your smart, user-friendly lockers – just what interior designers have always dreamed of and wished when envisioning modern, high-end, eco-friendly and user-friendly office environments which look amazing.

The MMK mobile app can be used as a sole smart locker key or in combination with existing access card – as a user-friendly backup key. The MMK app is available for Android and iOS.

mobile app for electronic lockers
mobile app for electronic lockers