Smart locking system for  hygienic and contactless office and workplace lockers

Maintenance-free, fully concealed and user-friendly smart locker system for user-oriented and future-proof work environments.

Smart locking system for your storage lockers at your office, commercial building or other facility is the right decision for many reasons. No more lost or broken keys. Actually, no keys at all. Forget about the time, money and stress when changing many hundreds or thousands lock batteries. Don’t forget you have to also dispose the empty ones. Forget about employees, who can’t get their locker open for whatever reason. In big companies, such problems are occurring on a daily basis. Someone needs to be available and also be able to solve it. As soon as possible.

Our secure, reliable, centrally managed and low-maintenance locker system removes all above mentioned problems in an instant. A worries-free solution. An environmentally friendly solution. Our smart workplace locker solution provides you a fully tailored, highly reliable, flexible and user-friendly workplace locker experience.You can use it in new or existing workplace lockers from any locker material (wood, HPL, metal, etc.)

The solution provides a seamless integration with your existing access control or other facility system or software. Your employees use the same access media, smart cards, fobs or mobile apps, for entering the building and offices and for unlocking their smart lockers.

The only locking solution you will ever need, or want, for your workplace lockers. As our electric motor-driven locks are fully concealed and provide different “locker-handle-free” locker door opening dynamics, your locker doors have a fully flat surface from corner to corner. Your office interior designers will be very happy to finally get that modern, fully clean-line locker design, which fit perfectly into your modern workplace design.

No need anymore to choose between having a secure storage, provide a user-friendly locker use, be able to centrally manage them or to have an awesome looking workplace lockers. No you can have it all.

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