The advantages of our smart locker system

The smarter locker solutions for workplace lockers, based on our smart locking system, have numerous advantages.

There are many advantages of using our smarter locker system for your workplace lockers. No matter for what purpose, or by whom, the smart lockers are used in an office or a facility, they provide fun and user-friendly locker use experience. Beside being highly secure, reliable and don’t need maintenance, it also gives a satisfying felling of the right decision to the customer.
All our smarter locker solutions are basically the same. They are all smart, highly reliable, secure and vandal-proof, low-maintenance and easy to upscale, seamless to integrate with other facility systems or interface with custom software. Last but not least, all our smarter locker solutions are environmentally- and user-friendly.

We are sure, our smarter locker solution will meet and probably exceed your expectations about flexibility, stability, functionality and other- ities of what workplace lockers should provide. It is very important for us, that each smart locker in (y)our smart locker solution provides more than just a storage box. The daily locker use must provide a fun experience of intelligent, secure and user-friendly storing to each locker user at your workplace.

“Really flexible, we can instantly change the individual locker compartment use as we fit”.
” We are using the locker system for the last 10 years. I cant remember a single employee having a problem with it. Not one.”
” I constantly use my smart workplace locker with my mobile app. Not because I need to. It’s just pure fun.”

Just some of the many feedbacks from the users, who daily use our smart lockers in their workplaces, universities or other facilities.