The most versatile smart locker lock for your storage and parcel lockers

Prudently designed, carefully assembled and tested. It offers 360 degrees functionality and a sustainable, long-lasting solution for your lockers. Even in hot, humid, dusty or cold environments.

Our patented electronic smart lock for lockers is the world’s most reliable and secure electric motor driven lock. The lock electronically controls each locking and unlocking process. You can mount it at any degree. It means, you can have your locker doors to open in any direction. They can open to the left or to the right. They can be be pulled down or pulled up. In case you need smart office drawers, the lock will unlock and push the drawer to the front.

The smart is assembled from non-corrosive, recyclable parts, which need minimum maintenance. Its high reliability ensures there are no uncertain situations. In case of fully packed locker, when the locker doors are pressured from the inside, the Metra lock will still unlock each and every time with no problems (which can’t be said for solenoid, latch or other type of locks on the market).

The lock is fully concealed which makes it a vandal-proof solution. There are no lock parts on the locker doors. Once the locker is locker, there is no direct access to the lock. This enables a modern, fully clean-line locker design the architects and interior designers will really appreciate. Totally “clean” locker door panels can offer a creative canvas to invigorate the office ambience.

The locker user can unlock the locker directly on-door, on the central RFID reader, or remotely (with an HID app or from afar, with our smart locker app). Sometimes, central and remote logic are combined, which provides an extra user-friendly locker use in dynamic work environments.

You can even decide on preferred locker door opening dynamics (what happens with locker doors once the locker unlocks the locker). It offer hygienic, touchless use of your lockers with spring open opening mode. (Push to open or Pull to open also available). When the locker doors are closed, the locker automatically re-locks.

It is highly resistant against vandalism and brake-in attempts, as it provides various security features. Thoughtful lock design even compensates for shabby locker doors and hinge wear, which may occur over time with low-quality lockers. The lock is suitable for all sorts of locker materials (Wood, Metal, HPL, etc.).

Low voltage electricity powers our smart locks in your lockers, so you save money and the environment at the same time. Forget about buying and disposing hundreds or thousands of harmful lock batteries (usually 2 or 4 per lock) an have maintenance staff spend dozens of hours to change them.

Central locker management software brings all the lock and locker related info in real-time. You can remotely open and manage each locker, locker user or locker media. You have all the info you need, when you need it, no matter how many lockers you have.  No more running up and down the floors and dealing with angry employees who can’t get access their belongings due to empty lock batteries, broken locks, broken keys and other un-necessary stress.

At the end, it all depends on what kind of tailored smart locker use experience you need or want to offer to your employees in your offices or your workplace. Contact us and we will gladly suggest best options and features for your unique workplace and facility.