A smart locker integration for your office, building or facility.

Our smarter locker system can be seamlessly connected with various facility systems and/or software.

Smart locker integration into your office or facility is a seamless process. Our smart workplace locker system can be interconnected with any existing access control or other facility system in your smart building. Employees can use the same smart media for accessing the building, for time and attendance system and for unlocking various types of smart workplace lockers. The same access media can also be used for cashless payments in the building or facility.

No matter which access media you are using to access your workplace, your access media also becomes smart locker key for your smart locker. There is no need to use an additional access media. Our smarter locker systems supports 99,9% of all RFID access media.
If your company is using a mobile app for access control system, the app can be used as a locker key for your smart workplace locker.
If the company is using a custom workplace app, from which employees can book a meeting room and similar, such app can also be used to manage individual workplace locker.
When you company of building is using a custom facility management software, the management of your smart workplace lockers can be added to such software, to enable a user-friendly central locker administration.