Smart Locker Management:

The Administrative Experience

Unlike the basic lock, networked smart locks provide full control and data as to how the employees are utilizing the lockers — frequency of use, size of lockers used, locker banks, and much more.

Having a strategy for transitioning to hybrid work or even improving upon a current work strategy all starts with data. Companies that invest in flexible and scalable solutions will easily be able to modify their strategy based on the data to find the most success.

Real-Time Data

Smart lockers provide real-time data to allow you insight to how your lockers are being used. This can help inform future strategies to decide if scaling your locker offering makes sense or to ask questions to learn how your employees are using the lockers and if it aligns with the original intention.

Real-Time Dashboard

Administrative dashboard provides complete visibility to the current status of the lockers’ physical-state, usage, and overall management of the lockers.

Audit Capabilities

Detailed usage data provides insight to who used what lockers and when.

Locker Management

Open all of the lockers in the building, floor, locker group or bank, or a specific locker with just a click of a button in the management software. Mitigate security threats or assist a user who forgot their card.

User Management

With just a few clicks, manually add or delete users. Or even add additional lockers for individual users to access. With 3rd party app integrations, users can be automatically added or deleted. Alternatively, administrators can bulk upload users via CSV file.

Cleaning & Service-Mode Management

Allocate certain groups of employees as part of your service or cleaning crew. Based on your locker policy lockers can automatically go into service mode or manually designate lockers in the software for cleaning crews to clean.

Design a system that works for your employees in our Smart Locker Use Cases download