Highly secure workplace lockers

We understand we are the first, last and only shield, which protects your belongings in the locker.

What transforms any locker into a secure workplace storage compartment? A combination of quality locker materials, smart locker design and build, highly reliable lock and real-time security features of the smart locking system. The manufacturing of lockers is not our speciality. But securely locking them..IS.

Patented, highly secure electric motor-driven lock with a high withholding force. It has a visual and sound pre-break-in alarm with brake intent detecting sensors. That means the alarm is triggered even if the doors are not actually force opened.

All parts of our smart lock are located inside a locker, to prevent a direct contact with the lock when the locker doors are closed (a smart design of the locker can also help with that). Our spring open or Push to open locker door dynamics remove the necessity of having locker handles. No locker handle, no pull leverage.

We know important contents are stored in each workplace locker. Regardless if those are personal belongings, important companz documents or something else. If it’s important to the locker user, it’s even more important to us. To keep it safe.

secure office lockers