Workplace lockers with Metra locking are more than just a storage boxes. They are the effective line of protection for your important contents.

What transforms workplace lockers into secure, reliable and user-friendly workplace lockers? A combination of quality locker materials, smart locker design, quality locker build and high-quality electronic locking system. Metra speciality is the last one.

Patented, highly secure motor-driven electronic lock, withholding a force of over 1000N. It has a visual and sound pre-break-in alarm with brake intent detecting sensors. That means the alarm is triggered even if the doors are not actually force opened or if the lock strike remains in the lock (f. ex. if the lock strike in removed from locker door when during the force opening attempt. Just to list some of the innovative security features of patented Metra motor-driven electronic lock.
All parts of Metra electronic lock are located inside a locker, to prevent a direct contact with the lock when the locker doors are closed. Metra electronic locks with auto-open or push-open modes remove the necessity of having locker Handles mounted of locker doors. No Handel, no pull leverage. Not to mention providing a clean and modern locker look in its full.

We know important contents are stored in various types of workplace lockers, regardless if those are personal belongings, important documents or something else. If it’s important to locker user, it’s even more important to us, to keep it safe.