For multi language workplaces

International organisations, universities and companies have employees from various countries. Big office buildings and complexes are a mixture of different cultures and languages. It is always more fun to see and read texts and words in your mother tongue or native language. Especially if you live and work in a company in a foreign country. The info in native language also annuls possible misunderstandings, as locker can be used by different people (students, coworkers, foreign business partners, visitors, etc.). It also show the organisation recognises and supports geographical and language versatility of its locker users.

Multiple languages can be available for locker users, who manage their activity-based workplace locker via Touch Display. New languages can be easily added, if needed. In an foreign language work or study environment, no matter if you speak the language fluently, it is fun to see someone “talking” to you in your mother tongue. Even if that is the locker in your workplace. And even if are just a couple o words or a short text on the screen. It’s still fun.