Multilanguage is how business is done on a global scale. International organisations and their local subsidiaries have employees from various countries. Big office buildings and complexes are a mixture of different cultures and languages. And it is always easier to read different texts and words in a foreign language in your mother tongue or native language. It also annuls possible misunderstandings when dealing with foreign language texts.

Metra electronic locking systems for workplace lockers are located in companies and organisations all over the world. Metra software for managing lockers, or just a single locker, is used on a daily basis by people who speak different languages (coworkers, foreign business partners, visitors, etc.). So it’s logical that Metra electronic locking software is available with Multilanguage option. If needed, and not yet available, Metra software can be also easily translated into any language. Metra native language is a language of innovative, high-quality, reliable, secure and user-friendly electronic locking system.