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Integration of Metra electronic locking solutions for workplace lockers into an existing access control systems? A quick and seamless process.

The integration process of Metra electronic locking system (Metra ELS) for workplace lockers depends on organization’s existing or non existing (Access Control or AC) system. An organisation system can be f. Ex. offices on one floor, a multistoried building or even multiple office and/or production buildings on multiple locations around the world.

Metra electronic locking system for workplace lockers can be combined with Metra access control and Metra cashless vending systems. A solution which is suitable for organization / company without an existing system. Employees of the organization can use the same RFID media for access, storage and buying withing the organization’s system.

For organizations who already use a 3rd party systems (f. Ex. HID™ Access Control), integrating Metra electronic locking system for workplace lockers is a seamless process. Employees use the same RFID media for workplace lockers as they do for existing access control system.