A safe, hygienic and contactless locker use

Ensure a safer workplace and storage use despite social distancing and other Covid-19 measures.


Various storage lockers are being used for storing personal belongings by employees, students, customers and others on a daily basis. In modern and dynamic offices, hospitals, universities or other facilities, a sharable and easily accessible locker is now a necessity.
Now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become very important to provide and support the same workplace dynamic, (sharable) locker use, whilst in a safe and hygienic way, without the unnecessary risk for their users. Wanting and trying to return to pre-pandemic work or study routines shouldn’t become a gamble or compromise with one’s health. Workplaces and study halls should provide a more hygienic environment with smarter and safer storage possibilities.

Our smart locker system provides smart, contactless and hygienic use of your storage or parcel lockers.
Due to fully concealed smart locks and automatic spring open locker door modes, totally hidden and clean locker panels, germ-repellent locker materials, locker clean/disinfection mode and other features, we will ensure your locker users can focus on their work or study and when using smart storage lockers.
You don’t need to guess which lockers were used during the day or waste time and money cleaning each and every locker in your building. Our locks are so smart that they can be assigned to clean mode or automatically go into clean mode after each use.
Make sure your locker users can focus on the work, study or enjoyment at hand, without worrying about touching the lock, opening locker doors or even about the previous locker users. We can suggest the best smart locker use and solution, tailored to your office or facility. Contact us now

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