Every electronic workplace lockers project is unique. Just as we love it. That’s why Metra electronic locking system and all its components have flexibility written in its tech-DNA.

Every company, office building, office policy, the company’s system of employment, company culture, etc. are always unique in its own way. That’s why diversity of our clients and diversity of their wishes and requirements is the enthusiastic and fun ingredients in our daily business.
Metra provides innovative and fully tailored electronic locking solution for workplace lockers, in line with the client’s needs, wishes and requirements. Metra electronic locking components, software and features are always designed, developed and produced with diversity and flexibility in mind. From multiple open/close modes to different locker key media (RFID, PIN code, QR code, Fingerprint, mobile app with wifi or mobile app with Bluetooth). With different time-period lockers on the same locker installation to visually customized management software with Multilanguage option.
Due to innovative design and functionality of Metra components and scalable logic of electronic locking system, scaling Metra locking system is a hassle free situation.
As a standalone electronic locker installation, in combination with Metra access control and/or cashless vending systems or as an integral part of any new or exiting access control software systems.