A full flexibility of your workplace lockers

Every smart workplace locker project is unique (Just as we love it). That’s why our workplace locker solution has flexibility written in its DNA.

Every company, office building, office policy, the company’s system of employment, company culture, etc. are always unique in its own way. That’s why diversity of our clients and their wishes regarding the user experience of their workplace lockers is the enthusiastic and fun ingredient in our daily business.

The innovative concept of our smart locker system enables the smart locker solution to be tailored electronic locking solution for workplace lockers, in line with the client’s needs, wishes and requirements. Metra electronic locking components, software and features are always designed, developed and produced with diversity and flexibility in mind. From multiple open/close modes to different locker key media (RFID, PIN code, QR code, Fingerprint, mobile app with wifi or mobile app with Bluetooth). With different time-period lockers on the same locker installation to visually customized management software with Multilanguage option.
Due to innovative design and functionality of Metra components and scalable logic of Metra smart locker system, expanding your smart locker installation is a hassle free situation.
You can have it as a stand-alone smart locker solution or you can integrate it with any access control, time & attendance or other system, and manage it with any third-party management software you already use. There are no limitations to Metra smart workplace locker system, with one purpose only- that you get a fully tailored smart locker solution you want and need. To have it all in totally clean-line, modern looking workplace lockers is just an added bonus ;).