Fully agile and remote locker use

Easy, dynamic and fun locker use  for your employees, students and others.

Every client, be it its culture, office policies or else, is unique in its own way. We love fulfilling different wishes, demands and requirements regarding the usability and user-experience of their smart lockers they want to offer to their employees or students.

Our smart storage locker system can offer a fully tailored smart locker user-experience due to its world renowned adaptability, integrability and numerous options and features. You can choose between different locker door opening dynamics to choose between different mobile and remote locker “keys”. The HID mobile app transforms your smartphone and smart watch into a secure mobile locker key. (a simple twist & go motion to unlock your locker). The MyMetraKey mobile app).
offers you to assign a vacant agile locker in your office and also open it from basically anywhere in the world (if you need to). Why wait to come to the office and go to the lockers to see which one you can assign for the day. Do it in a heartbeat while you are still at home in the morning or while you commute. Once you get to the office, your locker will already be waiting for you.

Due to scalable logic of Metra smart locker system, expanding or upgrading your existing smart locker installation is an easy and hassle-free process.
You can seamlessly integrate our smart locker system with your existing office or facility systems, like access control, and also manage it with your facility management software (API) . The Metra smart locker system has only purpose – to provide you a fully tailored smart lockers, which you and your employees or students will love to use every day.  To have it all in fully clean-line, modern looking lockers, as our smart locker systems is fully concealed, is just an added bonus ;).