Smarter locker solution for End-of-Trip lockers

Smart EoT lockers in your office building encourage a healthier daily work commute and help save the environment.

A healthy, modern, activity-based workplace nowadays is no longer defined (only) by a fitness room, but more and more with the End-of-Trip lockers on the ground floor of the office building. It is becoming increasingly important to extend a healthier employee mindset outside the actual work space. Many companies encourage their employees to “eco-commute” to their work. It means replacing cars and motorbikes with walking, jogging, biking, taking a public train or a city bus.

Many environmentally conscious organisations and companies offer end-of-trip locker rooms to their employees. It shows the company supports their employee’s quests and decisions to do something for their health and also for the environment. Commercial building investors include end-of-trip locker rooms to their newly built office rental buildings. The same goes for the landlords of existing rental office buildings, if they want to stay competitive in attracting the best clientele.

Our smart EoT locker solution offers centrally managed, secure, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance smart EoT lockers. Those smart EoT lockers provide a tailored, user-friendly locker use experience for your health- and eco-conscious employees.

The end-of-trip lockers are usually set up as daily, activity-based lockers, but can also be long-term, permanent lockers. An employee can use the same access media, employee card, fob or mobile app, to assign and unlock an EoT locker. If employee has an additional workplace locker in the office, the same access media can also unlock that activity-based or permanent locker. Our solution makes sure the number of access media/locker keys per employee is kept to a minimum.

You can seamlessly use and manage the End-of-Trip lockers alongside activity-based, permanent, delivery and/or daily visitor lockers in your office or smart building.

Contact us now to suggest and provide you with the best smart EoT locker solution, tailored to your wishes and taking into the account your unique workplace, its dynamic, your employees and else.