Highly reliable, secure, scalable, low maintenance, user-friendly. Metra electronic locking solution for your new or existing lockers.

No more lost or broken keys. Actually, no keys at all. Forget about changing batteries on a regular basis (especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of lockers to look after). Very self-sufficient and low-maintenance locking solution for your lockers. So basically no worries. Metra electronic locking system solutions for lockers provides a fully tailored, high-quality, reliable, scalable, integrable, secure and user-friendly locking solution of various lockers for your employees, workers, students, visitors or other groups who use lockers, either for storing personal belongings or company materials. For new or existing locker, no matter form which material they are (HPL, metal, etc.)

Seamlessly integrate it with your existing access control, so your employees can use the same RFID smart card for accessing their offices and their lockers. Or forget about the cards, and have employees use a Metra mobile app on their mobile phone for their lockers.
The only locking you will ever need. Install it and forget about it. As our secure motor-driven electronic locks are hidden, and no locker handles are needed, your office interior designers will also be very happy to finally get that clean line, modern locker design in full view. No need anymore to sacrifice beauty for functionality.