Project Description

Our smart workplace locker solution was used for robust double-door wardrobe lockers made from metal, which are used by construction engineers, working on different types of construction sites. The customer wanted its smart industrial wardrobe to provide a user-friendly on-door unlocking with employee access media, cards and badges, and to have a real-time insights on the locker use. The Metra Workplace Lockers solution with Metra smart lock with embedded RFID reader checked all the boxes.
Beside providing a touchless unlocking of the robust double-door locker, the Metra smart lock with embedded RFID reader also pop-opens both locker doors, minimizing the need for user’s interaction with locker (doors) to access the inside of the locker. This comes especially useful when the locker user comes into the wardrobe, carrying something in his hands, or if he has dirty working clothes. Hollow benches were designed to provide additional storage space for working shoes.