Project Description

The Metra Smart workplace locker solution for Randstad 750+ lockers for employees at their Atlanta office to support their hybrid work model. They understand that the way the office operates today will probably look vastly different six months to a year from now. The Metra Smart locker solution gives them the flexibility to adapt how personal locker at the office are used.
Just as the office will continue to evolve in how the employees use the space, so will the smart lockers. “We don’t know what the office is going to look like in the future,” said Director of Workplace Solutions at Randstad. “But this customized Metra solution allows us to take it on, no matter what.”
Also, by opting for sustainable and maintenance-free Metra solution, instead of battery operated locks, the company calculated it will save them approx. 207 hours (five 40-hour weeks) of time, which would be needed to change the batteries in all the lockers.