Smart lockers for highly dynamic and ABW workspaces

Smart, flexible and user-centric workspace storage.

Activity-based, coworking and similar workplace configuration are use in many modern offices and smart buildings. In such workplaces, there is a necessity for a highly flexible and user-oriented storage, which supports such workplace dynamic. A smart, short-term locker can be used by multiple employees during the same day (our locker cleaning mode makes sure, the locker is disinfected after each user).

Shared smart storage can save a lot of storage space and thus office space. Organisations with our smart locker solution for dynamic workplace can have up to 60% less lockers than employees.  In some cases, the organisations can save up to 30% of the monthly rental cost.

With our dynamic smart locker solution you can easily, in real-time, adapt use parameters of your smart lockers. You can instantly change duration of each locker use, add users to a locker to make it a project locker, etc. The features and options are almost limitless. You can easily tailor your smart lockers so it fits you highly dynamic or activity-based work environment.

Smart, short-term lockers are not only limited to your office environment. The so-called End-of-Trip lockers, usually on the ground floor of your office building, can store bicycle helmets, gloves etc., for employees who eco-commute. The personal access media, used for building access control, time and attendance or other facility system, becomes a smart locker key for all its lockers.

Apart from the longevity of locker use, smart short-term lockers offer similar options regarding locker use experience as permanent ones (they can be unlocked on-door, on central RFID reader or remotely, via smartphone or smart watch. The smart lockers with on-door unlocking have also a locker status indicator light (green for vacant, blue for occupied).

You can seamlessly combine smart, short-term lockers alongside permanent, delivery/pick-up, daily and/or End-of-Trip lockers in your office or smart building.

Contact us to suggest the best smart locker solution, tailored to your unique and highly dynamic workplace, activity-based or other.

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