Beautiful design of electronic locker installation as an integral part of modern office furniture.

Days, when storage lockers had ugly, dull designs are long over. Modern day locker installation doesn’t need to be functional at the expense of being visually unattractive. A big lock, bulky lock parts, big or visually inappropriate locker handles and other add-ons that are usually mounted on locker doors, ruining the locker installation from a interior designer’s standpoint. After all, a company usually doesn’t spend its money on high quality lockers for its employees just to have the beauty of their office locker installation visually ruined by big locking parts on each locker door. Even if locking components are nicely designed they intentionally or unintentionally visually alter the locker installation.

Metra electronic locking components are design friendly. This means they don’t interfere with a beautiful locker design, which is usually in line with corporate identity and/or company values, thus ensuring the same renowned functionality and reliability Metra electronic locking system is known for.

We cooperate with renowned locker producers to ensure you get a high-quality, beautiful, functional and long-lasting result with both the physical lockers and Metra electronic locking system.