Smarter locker solution for delivery lockers at workplaces

Smart lockers for inbound, outbound and/or in-house workplace deliveries of documents, parcels and other items.

Our smart Delivery Lockers solution is a great solution for optimising inbound, outbound and/or in-house important delivery processes. As such processes are usually perceived by employees as a daily chore, this can lead to mistakes like wrongly delivered or even missing items. That happens more often than one would expect.

No more leaving important documents on colleagues’s or superior’s desk, for anyone, passing by the office, to read. No more problems how to put or large parcel into small and also a wide-open mail compartment for an employee to pick up. No need to regularly check your mail compartment at reception desk, which is 10 floors down, as you anxiously expect some important delivery. Or call the receptionist every 10 minutes, for that matter. No need to leave in the middle of work process, just because receptionist called you received a package and you need to pick it up now. No more stress how and when  to send an important item to someone at this moment as you’re swamped with work as you need to catch that important deadline. Those are just some of the situations you can forget about when using Metra Delivery Lockers, our smart workplace delivery land pick-up solution.

Our smart delivery solution, among others, enables smart, secure, discreet, low-maintenance and user-friendly delivery and/or pick-up lockers. You can use our smart locking solution with new or existing lockers from any locker material. Easily have the clean-line, modern-looking lockers which are in-line with your workplace interior design. We suggest you decide on different compartment sizes, which can be used for different sizes of the delivered item (e.g. an A4 envelope or a big box).

The bigger your company, the more visible the various benefits of using tailored, centrally managed smart locker solution for instant secure and discreet delivery and pick up processes. A delivery locker administrator, e.g. a receptionist, oversees all the details and the real-time status of each delivery and pick up. At any give moment you know who dropped the item off, at what time, into which locker, who is the recipient, etc. You can oversee multiple delivery/pick-up locker locations, located in different inside or outside areas (the entry to the facility, in-house restaurant, etc.). If needed, some locations can be available for deliveries or for pickups for certain employee groups only.

Recipients don’t need to constantly check if the important parcel, they anxiously expect, already arrived. The solution ensures the recipient instantly receives an email or sms the moment the item is put in the locker. Notification email/sms includes the info to easily make the pick up.

The Delivery Lockers solution can be integrated with existing access control. If you need to provide visitor access cards to daily visitors so they can access through access control system. Without the need for someone to meet them just to hand them the visitor access card.

You can seamlessly use and manage the Delivery Lockers solution alongside smart activity-based, permanent, daily and/or End-of-Trip locker solution in your office or smart building.

Contact us now to suggest the smart delivery / pick-up locker solution which fits best into your office or facility.

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