Parcel lockers for your workplace

Smart parcel lockers for inbound, outbound and in-house deliveries of documents, parcels and other items.

A great solution for optimising inbound, outbound and/or in-house important delivery processes, each company has, are Metra Delivery Lockers. As such processes can be perceived by employees as necessary daily chores, this can lead to mistakes like wrongly delivered, misplaced or even missing documentation, post and other items. This happens more often than one would expect.

No more leaving important documents on colleague’s or superior’s desk, for anyone, passing by the office, to read or take.  No need to regularly check your mail compartment at reception desk, which is 10 floors down, as you anxiously expect something you order on your web shop. Or call the receptionist every 10 minutes, for that matter. No need to leave in the middle of work process, just because receptionist called you received a package and you need to pick it up now. No more stress how and when to send an important item to someone while you’re swamped with work. Those are just some of the situations you can forget about when using Metra Delivery Lockers, our smart workplace delivery and pick-up solution.

It offers secure, discreet and user-friendly deliveries and pickups. Order something on the web and have it delivered to your office. Got pick-up documents, when convenient for you, you colleague sent you to check (and “send” them back to colleague when you do). Drop-off company car keys late at night, which your colleague will need early in the morning, without calling him or going to his house late at night (or him waking you up). Just three of countless solutions, which make your daily work tasks a lot easier to do.

You can seamlessly integrate the Delivery Lockers solution alongside smart dynamic, permanent, daily activity and/or End-of-Trip lockers in your office or smart building.

Contact us now to suggest the smart delivery / pick-up locker solution which fits best into your office or facility.

office mail lockers system
office mail lockers system