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Electronic locking solution for daily use office lockers.

Big companies have different perks available to their employees and business visitors. So it is logical to have a daily use lockers room or a corner. Where users can securely leave their belongings, during their in-house sport, wellness or other type of activity. Like enjoying company’s steam room, spa or squash court. Because it is maybe not the best idea to take your expensive phone to a steam room. Or to have it your shorts during very active squash game.

Daily use lockers (also know as a visitor or short-term lockers) we usually use for a couple of hours. The most user-friendly solution for users are the electronic lockers with centralised Metra RFID keypad readers. To lock the locker, the user chooses a free (doors are open) locker, closes the locker doors and enters a random PIN code. To unlock the locker, the user enters the locker number and the PIN code. Piece of cake. Also no dilemma where to put the key during the activity. Your Metra solution can also have a RFID card, a barcode or the Metra app as the locker key. Depends only on your wishes.

The Metra electronic locking solution for daily use lockers is easily installed into new or existing lockers. Reliable, low-or-no maintenance and a user-friendly solution. Forget about time and nerve consuming chores. No need to replace lock batteries (especially with the high number of lockers). No need to change ordinary lock due to a broken or lost key. With Metra solution you usually don’t need a tech guy or a janitor to look after the installation. Just install and almost forget you have it.

daily use lockers