Take workplace experience to new heights with “Apple Wallet” lockers

The most secure and user-friendly way of using and managing lockers for your employees or students.

Security and convenience are the most important factors from a modern locker user standpoint as they provide a piece of mind and a seamless experience, resulting in improved user experience and well-being. Apple Wallet uses secure encryption technology to protect users’ personal data and thus prevent unauthorized access to personal or group lockers (safeguarding personal and business belongings). An employee’s or student’s mobile access credential, a mobile version of an employee’s or student’s RFID card/badge, is stored in the Apple Wallet on the user’s iPhone or Apple watch. User, therefore, no longer needs to carry a physical key or access card to occupy, access and manage a personal locker at work or school.

Introducing our smart locker solution, which enables your employees or students to use their Apple Wallets to access lockers, also has many advantages from your organization’s standpoint. By eliminating the need for physical keys or access cards, you can save money by reducing the need to replace lost or damaged keys or RFID badges. Your onboarding process will also become a lot easier and faster.

Contact us now to improve the security, appeal and flow at your hybrid office, workplace or campus, and make it more user-centric by taking the experience and well-being of your users to new heights.