Smarter locker solution for activity-based lockers

Smart locking system for activity-based, agile, co-working office spaces.

Activity-based, co-working or agile work area is nowadays an integral part of many modern offices. In many offices it occupies the main section or even the whole of the office space. In such areas the activity-based lockers must offer the same, or an even better flexibility.
Big office rental spaces can have a high monthly price. Especially in the business districts of most financial capitals of the world.  Smart activity-based workplace lockers can therefore save a lot of space, a.k.a. a lot of money. If activity-based lockers are used, a company can have less lockers than employees (usually that number is near 60%). An activity-based locker can be used by two or more employees during the same day. Space savings equals lower monthly fixed overhead cost. In some cases, the organisations can save up to 30% of the monthly rental cost.

Our activity-based locker solution enables a flexible smart locker system, which can be adapted instantly. You can instantly change duration of the locker use, available locker key or keys, etc. If needed, you can instantly change certain activity-lockers lockers to permanent use. The features and options are almost limitless. Our smart locker solution becomes your playground. You can adapt it to the instant needs of your dynamic work space.

Activity-based lockers are not only limited to your work space. Activity-based lockers can also be the EoT lockers on the ground floor of your office building. So the employees can store other personal belongings, like bicycle helmets, gloves etc. before going up to the office (maybe even take a shower). Our activity-based locker solution becomes and integral part of your smart office building. The access media the employee uses for the access control system, the time and attendance system or to pay for coffee in the office canteen, also becomes a smart locker key. That smart locker key can unlock employee’s activity-based office locker, a shared project locker and/or the Eot locker on the ground floor.

Apart from the longevity of locker use, an activity-based locker offers similar locker use-experience options as a permanent one. Activity-based lockers can be unlocked on-door, centrally or remotely. The activity-based lockers with on-door unlocking can have a locker status indicator light (green, if it is vacant, blue if it is occupied) which a permanent lockers doesn’t need. An activity-based locker can be also remotely occupied from our MyMetraKey mobile app (e.g. while commuting to work) or near the locker with the HID app (via Bluetooth)

You can seamlessly use and manage the smart activity-based lockers alongside smart permanent, delivery, daily and/or End-of-Trip lockers in your office or smart building.

Contact us to suggest the best smart locker solution, tailored to your unique activity-based workplace size and dynamic.

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