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Safe, hygienic and touchless use of your office or workplace lockers

Provide a safer, user-oriented and dynamic use of personal storage for employees, students and others. At the same time, save time, money and space due to seamlessly integrated, maintenance-free and sustainable smart locker system.

Using a workplace locker should be a positive, fun and easy experience, without the need to compromise locker’s security, reliability or functionality. But most  importantly, provide safe and easy use to each locker user. For the last 30 years, this was, and still very much is, our passion. The passion, which is clearly visible in our smart locker solutions, globally renowned for being the most reliable, integrable and user-friendly on the global market.

Our smart locker systems help you save time, money, storage space, office space and the most importantly, locker users health. At the same time, they remove the stress of unneeded locker maintenance chores, like changing and disposing hundreds or thousands of harmful lock batteries, deal on a daily basis with broken keys, damaged of non-functional locks (not to mention angry or annoyed locker users who can’t get to their belongings). Our maintenance-free and environmentally friendly locker system helps your provide the safe work environment conditions your great employees need and deserve.

Transform your ordinary lockers into smart storage, worthy of your organisation, and create a more user-oriented, future-proof and exciting workplace for your employees. Don’t stay behind.

  • Touchless and hygienic locker use

  • Locker Cleaning Mode

  • Highly secure, easy to integrate and user-friendly

  • Save time, money, space and the environment

  • Remove stress and unneeded locker-related chores

  • Awesome-looking, clean-line design lockers

  • Highly secure and fully concealed smart locks

  • Existing/preferred access media as smart locker keys

  • Complete locker management with social distancing features

  • Lock, locker and locker user status and activity in real-time

  • Locker usage and locker activity reports

  • Suitable for any type/material of workplace lockers

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Looking for a safe, hygienic and contactless locker use?

“They listened to what we believed to be achievable and provided exactly what we wanted to achieve. So many features yet so simple to operate. Building services cards were reduced from three to one.”

Senior Facility Manager

“We needed secure, hygienic and eco-friendly office storage solution, which would also need to have low maintenance costs.  The smart lockers work flawlessly. Our locker maintenance cost is still zero.”

Facilities Coordinator

Our high-end commercial client wanted a hygienic, touchless locker use and clean-line designer lockers for their new HQ. We found the perfect solution.

Workplace interior designer

The Metra smart locker system for workplace lockers supports 99,9% of RFID standards: LF, ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and 14443B (e.g. HID iClass™, Seos™, Prox, Indala, Mifare™, DESfire, etc.). It means, your locker users, be it your employees, students or other, can begin using their personal access cards/fobs as their smart locker keys, no matter which access control system you use.

Your employees already use your company’s mobile app for various activities, they can also start using it to open and manage their office lockers. Contact us for more details.

The Metra with Genuine HID Technology™  solution allows organisations to leverage existing HID™ credentials for broader workplace solutions and to move them toward a connected environment built around mobility. Organisations with HID™ access control (iCLASS, Seos, Prox, Indala, etc.), can easily extend their access security level to their smart workplace lockers. An employee can use existing HID™ access card/fob or a HID Mobile Access™ app, to access the building and to unlock a permanent and/or agile workplace locker. Easily extend your HID access control security level to your smart workplace lockers.

With the Metra mobile application MyMetraKey locker user can remotely unlock, open and manage his/her workplace locker from anywhere in the world. The app can be used as a sole locker key or as a secondary/tertiary locker key (beside an employee access card). No need to have access card with you all the time.

When app is used as a sole locker key, it also provides fully clean-line locker banks, so you can see your high-end lockers in their full beauty. Apart from fully hidden Metra smart locks and redundant locker handles, also no RFID reader is needed. All you see are the fully “clean” locker door panels of your workplace locker banks.

The MyMetraKey mobile app can be used with existing or new smart workplace lockers. Available for Android and iOS.


Providing secure, hygienic and user-oriented smart storage is not a luxury.
It is a necessity.

Safer storage solutions
for your users

Going the extra mile for each of our customers to provide hygienic and user-oriented storage.
So your healthy, focused and effective employees can excel and make the difference. 

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The best combination would be to combine remote unlocking/opening of lockers via mobile apps and to use the social distancing and locker service features in locker management software. Maybe to also use germ-repellent locker material for locker door panels.
Contact us to suggest the most suitable smart locker use solution for you workplace requirements.

Smart or intelligent lockers are lockers, which functionality can be fully managed remotely. Changing the locker use settings, like available duration of locker use, number of locker users or locker keys, can be done instantly. You never need to go near the lockers.

The use a management of such smart lockers, powered by Metra smart locker system, results in saving a lot of time, money and the environment. It also reduces stress, to facility maintenance staff and locker user themselves as the locker system enables a user-friendly, fun, healthy and secure locker use experience for the locker users. Especially, if your organisation has hundreds or even thousands of lockers in one or many multi-floor smart buildings.

Touch-less, hygienic smart locker use and fully concealed Metra smart locker system make your smart workplace lockers also look awesome with their fully clean-line locker design. Just what your workplace interior designer and your workplace manager envisioned and always wished for. Contact us for more details.

Yes. Wooden, metal, HPL or other type lockers can be easily retrofitted with one of the Metra smart locker solutions. In the process of retrofitting the lockers, the existing locks can be removed (or left on the locker doors, if existing locker door panels would not be replaced in the process). Contact us for more details.

Different types of Metra smart locks, Spring-open, Push-open and Pull-open, enable you to tailor the unlocked locker door “behaviour” to your wishes.
All our smart locker types can also open locker doors to any direction and even be used for smart drawers.
It depends solely on what kind of tailored locker user-experience you want to provide to the locker users at your modern, user-oriented workplace.

Contact us for more details.

Electronic, electric motor-driven locks, have, in comparison to solenoid locks, much better holding and pulling force (force to power ratio). This makes Metra locks un-sensitive to vibrations, e.g. door slams, which can also cause difficulties in proper functioning when there is too much force (tension) on the door from the inside (e.g. stuffed locker). Metra smart lock also does a self-test at each locker use, which ensures the highest locker lock reliability on the market and maintenance-free locker use. Contact us for more details.

With Metra mobile app you can remotely unlock your locker via wi-fi from basically anywhere.
It also enables a totally touch-less, hygienic locker use.
The second best option in our opinion is using mobile app via Bluetooth, whereby lockers can be opened from 5-10 metres away.
Mobile app with NFC need the same proximity as access (RFID) cards or fobs.
Contact us what solution would work best for you, depending on your work dynamic and your office of workplace configuration.

The majority of new smartphones need 1A of power to be able to recharge, while different tablets and laptops require twice and three times more power.
Some hard-wired locks come with built-in USB chargers, but they normally provide only up to 500mA of power. It is probably best to consult with your facility electrician, what happens if too many users try to charge their phones, tablets and laptops on those built-in chargers.

The sockets with AC and/or USB connections, on a separate electric cabling than the hard-wired locks, are confirmed by our clients worldwide, to be the most safe, secure and user-friendly way for charging devices in smart lockers.

Your lockers can look fantastic, be safe and easy to use,
be reliable and maintenance-free,
and save money, time, space and the environment – all at the same time.