Getting the best out of your workplace lockers

Highly reliable, low-maintenance, fully concealed and the most eco- and user-friendly workplace locker system for activity-based and other types of modern workplaces.

The most innovative, secure, highly reliable, low-maintenance and eco-friendly intelligent locker system, which enables smart locker design- and user-friendly lockers at various workplaces and other facilities. For almost 30 years, this has been our passion, our motivation and our goal. And to this day, not much has changed.
According to our clients worldwide, above mentioned properties are the reason, why Metra smart locker system is their preferred choice of smart locking their  storage and parcel lockers at modern office, factory, hospital and other smart buildings and facilities.

We are proud that many renowned locker and furniture manufacturers around the world recognise Metra smart locker system as the locker system, which is easy to install and, most importantly, enhances the level of locker functionality and the quality of use of their lockers (making them “smart”). A locker system, which easily fits into any quality lockers, new or existing, from any locker material.

As each Metra smart lock is fully concealed inside each locker, it enables a modern, clean-line workplace locker design. Various smart security features, beside the lock being fully concealed, make this smart locker system vandal-proof, preventing any locker break-ins.

Using Metra’s smart locker system in your workplace, you, meaning the facility maintenance staff, can totally forget about costly, time consuming, and stressful locker related problems and chores, like broken or lost keys, damaged locks or padlocks, damaged locker doors, forgotten lock combinations, “hijacked” lockers, etc. which happen daily with other options.
Even regularly changing those environmentally damaging empty lock batteries, especially when your organisation has hundreds or even thousands of workplace lockers on many floors, or even in different buildings or locations. Not to mention, such activities doesn’t help your organisation being recognised as an environmentally friendly one.

Workplace locker management software sees to it, that you have central and real-time overview and complete management of each lock, locker, locker user activity and each locker key, when you need it. An instant, remote and smart administration anyone can do, no matter how many smart workplace lockers you have in your company.

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Save a lot of time, money and the environment

in comparison to ordinary, mechanical or battery-powered locks in your lockers

  • For any lockers –  New or existing lockers from any locker material.

  • Save a lot of time, money and stress – no broken keys/locks, no replacing batteries or other similar on-locker maintenance chores.

  • Most smart locker key options – Any access card, various mobile apps (NFC/Bluetooth/Wi-fi), PIN code, etc.. Even combine any two. Just in case.

  • Fully concealed and vandal-proof – Enabling totally clean-line, modern locker door design.

  • Different smart locker door opening dynamics – Auto-Open, Push to Open or Pull to Open

  • All activities at your fingertips – Manage and overview each lock, locker, locker user or locker key. In real-time.

The Metra with Genuine HID Technology™ workplace locker solution allows organisations to leverage
existing HID™ credentials for broader workplace solutions and to move them toward a connected
environment built around mobility. Organisations with any HID™ access control (iCLASS, Seos, Prox,
Indala, etc.), can easily extend their access security level to their smart workplace lockers. So an employee
can use a HID™ access card/fob, or a HID Mobile Access™ app, for accessing the building and unlocking
a permanent or activity-based workplace locker.

An organisation with third-party access control system and Metra locker solution can also use HID Mobile Access™ apps as their locker keys.
HID advantage technology partner

The Metra smart locker system for workplace lockers supports all major RFID smartcard standards: LF, ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and 14443B (e.g. brands, like HID iClass™, Seos™, Mifare™, DESfire, LEGIC, Sony FeliCa, CEPAS, SRx, etc.). In short, with the Metra locker system the locker users (employees, business visitors, etc.) can use their access cards for specific lockers in the workplace (permanent lockers, activity-based lockers, visitor lockers, group lockers, project lockers, End-of-trip lockers, etc.), regardless of which RFID standard your organisation already uses, or will use, for access control system.

By using the Metra mobile app MyMetraKey makes smart locker use for employees even simpler (Locker user can manage assigned locker from virtually anywhere in the world). Other options, like 4digit PIN code, can also be used for certain workplace lockers (e,g, for business visitor lockers).

Patented Metra smart motor-driven locks, as integral part of Metra smart, hard-wired locker system, can be easily fitted into existing or new lockers. As the lock is fully concealed inside the locker, vandalism and break-in attempts are futile. The Auto-Open or Push-Open opening modes of Metra locks make locker handles on workplace lockers a thing of the past, enabling a fully clean-line, modern locker design. With the Metra smart workplace locker system you get smart, secure, reliable, low-maintenance and eco-friendly locker solution, which makes your workplace lockers smart, modern looking and user-friendly.

With the Metra mobile application MyMetraKey locker user can remotely unlock, open and manage his/her workplace locker from anywhere in the world. The app can be used as a sole locker key or as a secondary/tertiary locker key (beside an employee access card). No need to have access card with you all the time.

When app is used as a sole locker key, it also provides fully clean-line locker banks, so you can see your high-end lockers in their full beauty. Apart from fully hidden Metra smart locks and redundant locker handles, also no RFID reader is needed. All you see are the fully “clean” locker door panels of your workplace locker banks.

The MyMetraKey app is compatible with all existing or new Metra electronic locking systems and is available on Android and iOS.

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“Metra listened to what we believed to be achievable and provided a system capable of providing exactly what we wanted to achieve. So many features yet so simple to operate. Building services cards were reduced from three to a single one.”

Ray Marsh, Senior Facility Manager, Mirvac Operations, Australia

“Metra’s smart locker solution is used for activity-based lockers in the office hallways. Fully concealed, it provided the possibility to be creative with how the lockers look. The system is really reliable, working flawlessly, no maintenance at all.”

Frank Laven, Facilities Coordinator, Unit4, global software company

We wanted a tailored solution with fully clean-line locker banks for our HQ, which Metra solution provided.
Managing in real time over 1000 lockers throughout the building, which have a combination of short- and long-term locker occupancies, is a breeze. Just what we need.”, leading webstore, Netherland


Smart or intelligent lockers are lockers, which enable their locker use parameters, and those if its lock, to be tailored, remotely and in real-time, to wishes or requirements of the company (like changing the type of locker use, longevity of the individual locker use, type of  smart locker keys, number of users, who can unlock the same locker, assign lockers to users, revoke smart locker keys, etc..
To put it easier, this week, for some reason, some of the lockers will be short-term, activity-based lockers, unlocked with PIN code. Next week they will be changed back to its usual use – long-term lockers, unlocked with personal access card.
Of course, all those changes can e made without the need to make any physical changes to the lockers or locks, or to even be near the lockers while you make those changes.

Such smart locker solution is easily interfaced to existing systems in the “smart” building (access control, time and attendance, etc.) to save time, money and daily stress (managing and maintaining it it), and to make a more pleasant and user-friendly experience for the people using it (the smart lockers).

The more smart lockers you have (to administer) in your company, the more you will recognise all the advantages of using such intelligent locker system, if the lockers are used by hundreds or even thousands of locker users each day (employees, students, visitors, etc.) in one or many multi-floor buildings of the company.

Mentioned options are usually not available to users who use other locker locking options, as those individual lock options basically offer the same functionality as ordinary flat key lock does – e.g. to unlock and lock the locker, when standing directly in front of it (e.g. mechanical PIN code locks, battery-powered locks/padlocks, which can use access card, fingerprint or PIN code as a key). Of course, it can be exactly what a company wants and needs, but that is far from having/using a smart locker solution in the company.

Yes. Wooden, metal, HPL or other type lockers can be easily retrofitted with one of the Metra smart locker solutions. In the process of retrofitting the lockers, the existing locks can be removed (or left on the locker doors, if existing locker door panels would not be replaced in the process).

Yes. There are three types of Metra smart locks enabling three different locker door dynamics (how locker doors behave when the lock unlocks the locker):

Auto-open/Push to close (usually used for storage workplace lockers and Delivery & Pickup workplace lockers)
Push to open/Push to close (usually used for storage workplace lockers)
Pull to open/Auto-close

The first two lock types enable clean-line locker doors (do not require locker doors handles).

In comparison to (Metra) motor-driven locks, solenoid locks have good holding but rather poor pulling force (force to power ratio). This makes them sensitive to vibrations, e.g. door slams, and also causes difficulties in proper functioning when there is too much force (tension) on the door from the inside (e.g. a large bag inside a locker).

If by “best” you mean the most convenient way/technology for users to operate smart lockers, beside using your existing access cards/fobs, then we would suggest mobile app via WiFi/4G, for a number of reasons. With WiFi/4G mobile app, smart lockers can be opened from anywhere (yes, from anywhere in the world, where your mobile phone has a network signal). Secondly, a user interface is not required to open lockers which a) saves you money, and b) enables the visual appearance of locker to have that modern, clean-line look (no bulky, mechanical or battery operated PIN code locks on each locker door, etc.).
The second best option in our opinion is using Bluetooth, whereby lockers can be opened when users are just a couple of metres away from a Bluetooth user interface/reader, still within range of a Bluetooth signal.
Mobile app via NFC (Near Field Communication) doesn’t really provide “remote” locker usage as users have to put your mobile phone within 4cm of a NFC reader on the locker bank (same as access card).
Additionally, Wifi, 4G or Bluetooth technologies are all included in every new smartphone on today’s market, which isn’t always the case with NFC.

The majority of new smartphones need 1A of power to recharge, whilst tablets require even more, ca. 2-2.5A. Some locks do have a built-in USB chargers, but they normally provide only up to 500mA of power. This means that it takes a long time to recharge devices, plus there is a certain electric risk if too many users try to charge their phones and tablets on the same locker installation/electrical grid at the same time. A separate cabling for charging purposes is probably a better (and safer) solution.

Enabling the most modern, vandal-proof and clean-line smart lockers

A fully concealed smart lock with strong holding force and integrated security features

Fully tailored solutions

Going the extra mile for our customer. The most reliable, flexible, tailored, scalable and integrable smart locker system, which fulfils custom wishes, needs and requirements of our renowned global clientele.