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Highly reliable, locker design- and user-friendly electronic locking solutions for workplace lockers.

logo-metra-siMost innovative, secure, integrable, highly reliable, low-maintenance, fully tailored, secure, flexible, scalable, locker design friendly and the most user-friendly electronic locking solutions for storage lockers. For many years this has been our passion, our motivation and our goal. And to this day…not much has changed.
According to our clients worldwide, these are the reasons why Metra electronic locking is their preferred choice for locking their workplace, employee, office mail, mobile, agile and other types of lockers and locker usages.

We are very proud that many renowned locker manufacturers around the world, with whom we successfully cooperate, recognize Metra electronic locking solution as the most reliable, low-or-no maintenance and easy to install solution for their lockers. The solution, which easily fits into new or existing lockers, at the same time doesn’t visually interfere with the locker design and virtually needs no maintenance. But just in case, we provide local on-site or remote quick response integration and technical support to both locker manufacturers and end users of our electronic locking solutions.
You can totally forget about costly time consuming, and stressful chores like broken or lost keys, forgotten lock combinations, even changing batteries in battery driven locks. Not to mention assigning lockers to employees, which is done from Metra management software (no need for a time consuming walk to the lockers each and every time). Especially if you have hundreds of thousands of lockers in different buildings or locations.

The Metra Workplace Lockers locking solutions value your time.
Save you money on maintenance (staff).
And give you a peace of mind.

electronic locking systemWorkplace lockers
Need a reliable and user-friendly locking solution for your lockers?

Metra listened to what we believed to be achievable and provided a system capable of providing exactly what we wanted to achieve. So many features yet so simple to operate. Building services cards were reduced from three to one. The support provided by Metra has ensured the smooth operation of the locker system.

Ray Marsh, Senior Facility Manager, Mirvac Operations, Australia

“The Metra electronic locking system, nicely and flat mounted in the locker wall, is very easy to use solution for our office lockers on multiple floors. The ability to use office storage lockers with our existing access cards or our finger prints is very convenient. The solution is working flawlessly and without any maintenance at all. Sometimes visitors don’t even notice that they walk by a wall of lockers :).”

Frank Laven, Facilities Coordinator, Unit4, global software company

“1000+ agile office lockers in our HQ are equipped with the Metra locking solution. Employees use existing access cards to assign nearest vacant lockers via touch screen. Metra locker management software provides us with an instant overview of each locker user activity over multiple floors in real time. We especially like totally “clean” look of our locker banks due to concealed Metra locks.”

Bol.com, leading webstore, Netherland


Globally present company with a reputation for consistent innovation of reliable and secure electronic locking systems and solutions for various types of visitor, student or employee lockers.


Of course. Metal, HPL or other type of lockers can be easily retrofitted with one of the Metra electronic locking solutiosn. In the process of retrofitting the lockers, the existing locks can be removed or left on locker doors.

In short: Yes. However, it is necessary to choose an open/close combination. Metra electronic locks have three open/close modes or combinations to choose from, depending on your locker installation requirements and needs:

– Auto-open/push-close
– Push-open/push-close
– Pull-open/auto-close

The first two modes do not require locker doors to have handles.

In comparison to motor-driven locks (note: all Metra locks are motor-driven), solenoid locks have good holding but rather poor pulling force (force to power ratio). This makes them sensitive to vibrations, e.g. door slams, and also causes difficulties in proper functioning when there is too much force (tension) on the door from the inside (e.g. a large bag inside a locker).

If by “best” you mean the most convenient way/technology for users to operate lockers, then we would suggest WiFi/4G, for a number of reasons. With WiFi/4G electronic lockers can be opened from anywhere (yes, from anywhere in the world, where your mobile phone has a network signal). Secondly, a user interface is not required to open lockers which a) saves you money, and b) enables the visual appearance of locker installations to stay intact or “clean” (no RFID readers).
The second best option in our opinion is using Bluetooth, whereby lockers can be opened when users are just a couple of metres away from a Bluetooth user interface/reader, still within range of a Bluetooth signal.
NFC (Near Field Communication) doesn’t really provide “remote” locker usage as users have to be within 4cm of a NFC user interface, which is basically the same as with normal RFID cards.
Additionally, Wifi, 4G or Bluetooth technologies are all included in every new smartphone on today’s market, which isn’t always the case with NFC.

The majority of new smartphones need 1A of power to recharge, whilst tablets require even more, ca. 2-2.5A. Some locks do have a built-in USB chargers, but they normally provide only up to 500mA of power. This means that it takes a long time to recharge devices, plus there is a certain electric risk if too many users try to charge their phones and tablets on the same locker installation/electrical grid at the same time. A separate cabling for charging purposes is probably a better (and safer) solution.