Workplace Lockers

Workplace smart lockers are the solution for hybrid offices dedicated to a human-centered and future-proofed workplace.


Smart Lockers for
the Hybrid workplace

Long Networked Smart Locker Wall with Seating

Workplace Strategies

As hybrid workforces emerge, offices must adapt to support diverse working models and serve evolving employee needs. With work no longer limited to a specific location, the office’s role becomes a hub for collaboration and innovation. Encouraging employees to choose the office over alternatives requires a focus on the value of people, fostering collaboration, and fostering an innovative work environment.

Explore Smart Lockers in the Workplace

Explore the various hybrid workplace models and see how smart lockers can enhance your organization’s specific needs.

Elevating Workspaces:

Smart Locker Integration for a Seamless Employee Experience

As the workplace landscape transforms at a swift pace, we are actively collaborating with our partners and companies to integrate smart lockers into their systems. Today’s employees expect top-notch amenities that streamline their daily tasks. 

To meet these demands, companies implement workplace apps and mobile credentials, ensuring a seamless experience in reservations, access, and more. In this dynamic environment, smart lockers play a vital role in enhancing the overall user experience, driving us to form partnerships and integrations with industry-leading solutions.


The First Smart Locker System
Compatible with Apple Wallet

Our Genuine HID Technology™ readers can incorporate Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) application, enabling compatibility with credentials in Apple Wallet.

HID Partner

As an HID™ Advantage Technology partner, we are able to provide seamless design with our readers having with Genuine HID Technology™. We are able to handle a range of credentials from the most secure RFID cards to mobile credentials while still offering ISO 27001 certification level security. Our readers with Genuine HID Technology™ also can include Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) application to support credentials in Apple Wallet. Employees can now use their mobile credentials to open a locker using the Apple Wallet or HID™ Mobile Access app.

Curated Experiences

Gain full control and customization of your workplace locker experience with networked smart locks. Select from access modes like mobile apps, touch display interfaces, and RFID to tailor a unique solution for your needs.

lock to locker

Our smart lock’s concealed design provides the flexibility for your lockers to maintain any aesthetic you desire. By concentrating on our smart lock technology, we enable you to focus purely on the external design, ensuring your lockers seamlessly blend with your chosen style and workspace environment.