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User-oriented and future-proof workplaces understand Smart locker experience

Tailored, maintenance-free and sustainable solution. Clean-line locker design. Flexible, touchless, fun. For smart personal lockers and in-office pickups and drop-offs.

Times have changed. It’s time you make a giant leap ahead and adapt your workplace storage.  To get ahead. And to stay ahead. To be one of the frontrunners. Start saving time, money and space, storage space and floor space, by taking advantage of smart, safe and fully flexible locker use. Transform your offices into an appealing, effective, employee-oriented and future-proof workplace. Remove stressful and time consuming access and locker related maintenance chores, like dealing with broken keys, damaged locks, “hijacked” lockers, changing and disposing hundreds or thousands of harmful lock batteries, etc. Above all, no more annoyed employees, who can’t access their lockers for any of the mentioned reasons.
Tailored, maintenance-free and sustainable smart locker solution is an integral part of modern, safe and user-oriented company or organisation, as it helps provide a safe, attractive and collaborative work environment. Just ask the frontrunners in your industry.
Your office lockers should provide instantly adaptable and easy to use storage to your employees, to help them do their work more easily and more efficiently. Your administration should have a complete management and real-time info and insights on anything related to each smart lock, locker or locker user in your office or building. So lockers in your workplace can be instantly optimized to provide best usage and availability to employees.
Optimize your access, security, Active Directory or other facility system or software with seamlessly integrated smart locker system. Create a smart, user-oriented and future-proof workplace experience, your great employees will appreciate, enjoy, and also need, to excel at their work.
Times have changed. For good. Keep up with the frontrunners. Let us help.

  • Save time, money, space and the environment

  • Maintenance-free  (no broken keys, no lock battery replacements,”hijacked” lockers, etc.)

  • Smart, hygienic and fun locker use experience

  • Access locker with your access card, mobile app, PIN code or else.

  • Locker cleaning and social distancing modes

  • Fully clean-line locker design

  • Seamless integration with existing facility systems or software

  • Fully tailored, custom solution (API)

  • Highly secure, fully concealed and vandal-proof electronic smart locks (no latch/bolt)

  • Complete locker management with real-time activity info, insights and reports

  • For any storage use (office, parcel drop-off & pick-up, End-of-trip, etc.)

  • For any locker material (wood, laminate, HPL, metal,…)

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“They listened to what we believed to be achievable and provided exactly what we wanted to achieve. So many features yet so simple to operate. Building services cards were reduced from three to one.”

Senior Facility Manager

“We needed secure yet user-friendly and eco-friendly lockers for our office, which wouldn’t need any maintenance. Their smart locker solution works flawlessly. Our total locker maintenance costs are still zero.”

Facilities Coordinator

Our high-end commercial client wanted a touchless locker use for their employee lockers at their “traditional-turned-hybrid” workplace. They suggested and provided the perfect solution.

Workplace interior designer

Metra smart workplace locker system supports 99,9% of RFID standards: LF, ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and 14443B (e.g. HID iClass™, Seos™, Prox, Indala, Mifare™, DESfire, etc.). It means, your locker users, be it your employees, students or other, can use their existing personal access cards/fobs also as touchless locker keys, no matter which access control system you use (or will use).

If your employees use your company’s custom mobile app for access and other activities in the office or building, they can also unlock/open and manage their personal office lockers from their app. Contact us for more details.

The Metra with Genuine HID Technology™  solution allows organisations to leverage existing HID™ credentials for broader workplace solutions and to move them toward a connected environment built around mobility. Organisations with HID™ access control (iCLASS, Seos, Prox, Indala, etc.), can easily extend their access security level to their smart workplace lockers. An employee can use existing HID™ access card/fob or a HID Mobile Access™ app, to access the building and to unlock a permanent and/or agile workplace locker. Easily extend your HID access control security level to your smart workplace lockers.

With the Metra mobile application MyMetraKey locker user can remotely unlock, open and manage his/her workplace locker from anywhere in the world. The app can be used as a sole locker key or as a secondary/tertiary locker key (beside an employee access card). No need to have access card with you all the time.

When app is used as a sole locker key, it also provides fully clean-line locker banks, so you can see your high-end lockers in their full beauty. Apart from fully hidden Metra smart locks and redundant locker handles, also no RFID reader is needed. All you see are the fully “clean” locker door panels of your workplace locker banks.

The MyMetraKey mobile app can be used with existing or new smart workplace lockers. Available for Android and iOS.

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Hygienic, flexible and user-oriented smart storage is not luxury.
Pandemic measures, hybrid work arrangements and competitive markets made it an integral part of work and business.

We boost workplace (storage) functionality.

We go the extra mile for each of our customers to help them elevate efficiency and wellbeing in their workplace, which are needed to stay ahead of competition.


Smart lockers, intelligent lockers or electronic lockers are lockers with interconnected intelligent locking system of electronic smart locks. It  provides a complete centralized and remote locker management and real-time adaptability to various individual user, office or company preferences regarding storage use, working hours or else.
Set up limited duration of locker use in a hybrid or ABW environment or office section. Create a limited group of users, which can access a specific locker with project documentation. Assign lockers to cleaning staff to be cleaned or disinfected. These are just some of the options, which Metra smart locker solution is offering. Without the need to ever go near any locker. Time IS money.

Such sustainable and maintenance-free smart locking system, which “smartens up” your lockers, can save time, money, storage space, office rental space and reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment (carbon footprint). It also reduces removes unnecessary maintenance chores ordinary locker chores and related stress to facility maintenance staff. Especially, if your organisation has hundreds or even thousands of lockers in one or many multi-floor smart buildings. Contact us for a tailored smart locker solution for your needs.

In highly dynamic, hybrid or ABW work environments, the locker can be used by different employees during the day or week ABW environments. In such workplaces, it is best to combine remote use and management of the lockers with the social distancing, locker disinfection and similar features, available in our smart locker management software. Or providing a fixed, permanently assigned smart locker to each employee, with an option to remotely use and mange locker via MyMetraKey app.
Using a germ-repellent locker material is another great add-on to the overall level of workplace hygiene.
Contact us to suggest the most suitable and hygienic smart locker solution for your workplace.

Yes. Wooden, metal, HPL or other type lockers can be easily retrofitted with one of the Metra smart locker solutions. In the process of retrofitting the lockers, the existing locks can be removed (or left on the locker doors, if existing locker door panels would not be replaced in the process). Contact us for more details.

Different types of Metra electronic smart locks can provide different locker door “behaviours” to fit your wishes and needs.
All our smart locks can also open locker doors to any direction (smart drawers, anyone?)
It depends solely on what kind of tailored locker user-experience you want to provide to the locker users at your modern, user-oriented workplace.

Contact us for a tailored smart locker experience for your workplace.

Metra electronic smart locks are driven by electric motor. In comparison to solenoid (electromagnet) locks with latches, electric-motor driven have a much better holding and pulling force (force to power ratio). This makes the Metra smart locks un-sensitive to vibrations, e.g. door slams, which can also cause difficulties in proper functioning, especially when there is too much force/tension on the door from the inside (e.g. fully stuffed locker). Metra smart lock, due to its electro-motor, can function fixed at any degree, providing locker door opening direction of choice (“gravity-free unlocking”).
Metra electronic smart lock also does a self-test at each locker use, which ensures the highest locker lock reliability on the market and maintenance-free locker use for many, many years. Contact us for more details.

With the Metra mobile app a user can unlock its locker from basically anywhere (even from vacation, if needed)
Using HID’s mobile app Mobile access your Metra locker can be unlocked from 5-10 metres away, depending of BT range (Twist and Go motion with you smart phone or using you smart watch).
Mobile apps, using NFC technology, need the same proximity to locker RFID reader as access cards or fobs, e.g. 1-2 cm.
Contact us what solution would work best for your work dynamic and your office/workplace configuration.

The majority of new smartphones need 1A of power to be able to recharge, while different tablets require twice or three times more power.
Some hard-wired smart locks with built-in USB chargers have therefore difficulties charging phones and tablets due to 500mA USB. Using Metra smart locker system, you can go for a Metra smart lock add-on with 2 USB ports (2.4A), and interior locker light. If you want provide more power to be able to charge laptops, an ordinary AC socket (combined with USB ports) on inner locker wall is the best option.
Consult your facility electrician which solution would be most safe and suitable for your workplace or facility, depending on expected charging from your locker users, electric grid and other factors.

Your lockers can look fantastic, be safe and easy to use,
be reliable and maintenance-free,
and save money, time, space and the environment – all at the same time.